CDM Services

A thorough CDM check-up by our skilled and knowledgeable professionals often uncovers lost revenue that goes directly to the bottom line. But other aches and pains are remedied, too:

CDM Review

  • Billing errors are reduced
  • Payment delays are shortened or eliminated
  • Costly back-end administrative errors virtually disappear.

Do you take the necessary steps to be sure your CDM is working as well as it possibly can? Does your team have the education and training to maintain a complete, compliant CDM? We can maintain and update your CDM. Then we can provide training and education based on quarterly and annual updates.

Our proprietary CDM Review Program enables us to customize our reviews based on the specific needs of your hospital. Our menu of solutions is a la carte, not cookie cutter, so that we can satisfy your needs and your budgets in highly targeted ways.

No check-up. No diagnosis. No Treatment.

Not as many dollars. It’s as simple as that.

What can you expect from our proven and highly productive CDM check-up process? Comprehensiveness, for one thing, and the highest level of compliance, for another. For example, our process . . . 

  • Emphasizes line-by-line, item-by-item scrutiny, not just an overview
  • Interviews with chargemaster staff, revenue cycle team members, and department managers
  • Develops detailed reports with recommendations that enhance compliance, improve accuracy and encourage issues “ownership”
  • Supports implementation of recommendations
  • Updates charge sheets and order entry systems
  • Validates drug billing multipliers
  • Examines maintenance and charge-capture policies and procedures.

We can consolidate multiple CDMs or assist with planning consolidation. You and your staff are free to focus on other important issues, instead of focusing completely on consolidation.

Are retrospective claim reviews worth it?

Our clients think so. Our proven revenue recovery process is an integral part of revenue cycles in more than 300 hospitals. Why? Because year in and year out we recover millions of dollars from zero-balance accounts that our clients have earned and deserve.